As a child I loved to play a lot of games with friends and my grand parents. I learned how to play chess which is probably the most strategic game in the world. Furthermore I love to play card games like poker and a bavarian game named “Schafkopf”. 

During school I figured out that I like numbers and logic a lot. After school I studied technical cybernetics at the TU-Ilmenau. There I learned how to code, analyse  and automize systems and to optimize parameters to get the desired outcome.


During high school I started to watch financial markets as I was interested in how to make better predictions as my opponents. Today I see the parallels with playing games. So, in 2015 I tried my luck with stocks for the first time. Because I did not hat a good methodology my investements haven’t been successfull. But with my skills I learned in collage I decided to get more into stock markets. 

Focus on Stock Markets

In collage I was told how to programm in python. In 2019 I started to build databases with stock data and started to analyse the behaviour of the markets with python as my data analysis tool. From that on I spent almost my entire time building models, visualizing data and developing trading bots. 


In February 2021, I visited Malta for my first time and met a lot of interesting people that also share my passion about stock/future/crypto markets. Soon, I moved to Malta and started to work there. My job is to develop trading strategies for a family office. 

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